Lora-Marie Bernard

Public Domain is a syndicated column from Lora-Marie Bernard that focuses on News about Texans in D.C.

Coverage includes:

  • votes that Texas legislators cast;
  • aggregated content from Texas legislators;
  • bill review and analysis from Washington D.C.
  • balanced round-up of national legislation
  • reports from the Congressional Daily
  • live reports from sessions
  • press release and coverage

and more…

Lora-Marie Bernard is a national award-winning journalist who has worked for Texas news outlets most of her professional life. She’s covered public affairs for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Houston Chronicle and other Texas news outlets. Early in her career, she was a team recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. She earned honors from recognized journalism organizations such as the National Newspaper Association, the Associated Press Managing Editors Association, the Texas Press Association and the Dallas Press Club. She is a former executive director of an environmental nonprofit and an education grant-making foundation.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of North Texas. She studied nonprofit business at Duke and Harvard universities. She is earning her master’s degree in liberal arts at Harvard where she is concentrating in journalism and museum studies. 


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