House, Senate both reject WOTUS Rule

Courtesy: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.)


The controversial WOTUS rule that promotes Obama’s clean water agenda received a blow on

Wednesday when the House passed a resolution 253-166 that issued representatives disapproval.


The Senate passed S.J. Res. 22 that disapproves the “Waters of the United States” rule in November. The

United States Chamber of Commerce also rebuked the environmental rule meant to clean American

waterways. The organization issued a statement the day before the House vote.


“The WOTUS rule goes beyond the statutory and legal authority of the Clean Water Act,” said a

statement from R. Bruce Josten, executive vice president of governmental affairs for the chamber.

“Indeed, the WOTUS rule expands federal jurisdiction over water features and land uses beyond what

Congress intended and beyond the lawful limits of federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction as interpreted by

the U.S. Supreme Court.”


For several months, congressional leaders have charged that WOTUS is an overreach. The resolution is

ceremonial but sends a message to the President.


Congressman Randy Weber of Friendswood said on the day of the vote that the rule masqueraded as

environmental stewardship. He charged it was the result “bloated bureaucratic agencies.”


“The President’s Waters of the United States rule is being presented as a water cleanup initiative,” he

said in a statement. “However, this rule is just a front for the EPA to gain more control by expanding

federal jurisdiction over navigable waterways.


and challenged Obama to accept the resolution to make good on his State of the Union address that said

he wanted to “scale back” regulations.


“If he chooses to veto this resolution, it will be clear to all Americans that those words were just empty

promises,” he said.

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