Friendswood rep. supports law to put concealed handguns at schools

(Credit: Michael Licht via Flickr.)

Last week, Congressman Randy Weber of Friendswood introduced Protect Against Schools which would allow concealed handguns on school campuses.

Saying that most mass shootings occur on campuses that prohibit general citizens from carrying firearms, Weber said the measure would increase security. The bill has been referred to committee.

“It is time for Congress to act in a way that will keep our children safe, and I believe that my legislation will help us do just that,” he stated in a press release.

According to the National Review, all but two public mass shootings since at least 1950 have occurred where general citizens are banned from carrying guns, including in school zones. The review states that Obama’s executive actions would not have blocked the sale of weapons used during these tragic events.

Weber’s bill would extend concealed carry beyond police on campuses.

“Last week, I introduced the PASS Act, which will permit those not prohibited by State law from carrying a concealed firearm to carry in a school zone, qualified law enforcement officers, and qualified retired law enforcement officers,” he said.

The bill has 19 party co-sponsors, including the Texas congress representatives.

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