Weber joins effort to censure President Obama

President Barack Obama. (Credit: U.S. Department of State.)

A House resolution to censure Obama for his executive action on gun control met with approval from a

local representative.


Congressman Randy Weber co-sponsorship of Mississippi Congressman Steve Palazzo’s resolution to

censure President Obama just a day after it was entered on Jan.7.


Weber joins at total of 31 other GOP co-sponsors. Eight House representatives signed onto the

resolution on Monday at press time, including Texas House Representative Bill Flores of Bryan.

Palazzo said the measure was addressing the American people who were demanding Congress to stop

the presidential agenda.


“For seven years, the President has gradually expanded his powers through executive overreach,”

Palazzo said in a prepared statement. “His actions this week to take away the second amendment rights

of law-abiding citizens is just the latest, if not most egregious, violation of the separation of powers

found in the United States Constitution.”


Weber said Palazzo’s efforts were on the mark.


“As we have seen over the past seven years the President knows no bounds,” he said in his statement.

“It is incumbent upon Congress to do what is necessary to thwart his liberal agenda from progressing.”

The resolution would specifically censure and condemn the actions of President Obama regarding his

announced actions on gun control this week.


From the House floor, Palazzo said Obama’s actions were the latest instance of executive overreach that

includes executive amnesty, his recent climate change treaty, and the Iranian nuclear agreement. He

also blasted the president for refusing to enforce several laws, as required by the Constitution, including

his own health care bill and refusing to address illegal alien deportations.


The Mississippi congressman also noted that presidential censure is rare, but has precedent.


In 1834, President Andrew Jackson was censured by the Senate for what they saw as executive

overreach when he took extraordinary measures to dismantle the Bank of the United States despite the

objections of the Senate Majority.


Additionally, more recent censure resolutions were introduced against President Nixon and President

Bill Clinton, he noted.

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