Friendswood Congressman applauds Obama block

Courtesy Realtor Action Center via

(Press Release) Washington, D.C. – Congressman Randy Weber (R-Friendswood) released the following statement on the passage of H.R. 5982, the Midnight Rules Relief Act:

“Since the President took office in 2008, we have seen nearly 3,000 new regulations costing taxpayers $850 million and thousands of jobs,” Weber said. “The Midnight Rules Relief Act is a smart solution that will empower Congress to take action against a multitude of regulations the Obama Administration may attempt to pass between now and November 21. The President has done enough, it’s time for him to pack up and bid adieu to the relentless regulations and rules hurting our job creators and hard-working taxpayers. It’s time to put America first.”

Current procedure allows Congress to consider only one regulation at a time. The Midnight Rules Relief Act (H.R. 5982) will allow Congress to consider a block of regulations that federal agencies have submitted for congressional review by November 21, 60 days before the inauguration of the next President.

Note: H.R. 5982 was combined with H.R. 5711, making it H.Res. 591 for the rule, which passed by 231-181.

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