Texas joins court fight to support sanctuary cities

AUSTIN – Texas will join a 10-state coalition to support President Trump’s executive order regarding sanctuary cities.


Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Monday morning that Texas will file an amicus brief supporting the constitutionality of the order.


He said in a press release that sanctuary jurisdictions obstruct cooperation between federal and local officials on immigration enforcement and undermine the rule of law.


“When law enforcement is deliberately impeded, our communities become more dangerous by the day,” the Monday release states.


Paxton asks the courts to dismiss the case against the executive order.  


“President Trump’s executive order is fully constitutional and a large step toward public safety,” he said. “If law enforcement authorities have policies of not cooperating with federal immigration authorities, dangerous criminals will unlawfully remain in the country, travel freely between states and continue to evade the justice system. Governments have a duty to protect their citizens – it is imperative that we honor federal laws and cooperate with ICE detainers to keep our communities safe.”


To view a copy of the brief, click here.

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